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Lisa Barnes, Therapist/Owner

Lisa provides therapeutic massage using a variety of techniques to address your specific needs. Whether you want to luxuriate, relax, and rejuvenate or you need to address specific areas of body pain, her skills and amazingly intuitive approach will improve your enjoyment of life!




Men and women have enjoyed and benefited from massage throughout history. Every age and civilization has left evidence of formalized massage techniques. Ancient Chinese, Sumerian, Greek, and Thai have contributed to the wealth of technique used today by professional massage therapists.

Massage has a natural healing tendency. Humans instinctively desire touch. We rub our shins when bruised. We rub our temples when tired and when our head hurts. It is widely accepted that humans require touch. We need someone to touch our skin in order to be emotionally and physically healthy. Many experts posit that our modern American society inhibits our natural impulse to touch by extrapolating far beyond moral, sexual, and religious restrictions on what type of touch is permissible. The result is particularly extreme for males. Many think that “real” men don’t hug or get massage. But for either sex, massage releases muscle tension, reduces pain, stress, and strain, and enhances feelings of well-being.

Lisa’s ¬†breadth of knowledge comes from three identifiable sources. She is thoroughly trained in several modalities. She is a trained nurse with a wealth of knowledge obtained in the medical industry. And, she has an instinctive perception of where to expertly apply pressure to relieve each ache and pain.

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