LEARN HOW to Massage Your Mate!

A very special gift, for both of you, that keeps on giving!

This is 2 one-hour sessions together. The first hour the therapist will work on 1 client while the other client observes and works as the therapist directs, leaning techniques that can be used at home to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. After a brief break to change places, the second hour begins. We utilize several techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, and maybe a few little tricks just to help relaxation! Total = approximately 130 minutes = $275

You leave as a relaxed couple with some new abilities and knowledge about relaxation.

We also have a small parting gift for you!

Call for an appointment – 903-241-2743
or use our Contact page for queries.

This session is NOT for any certification or use on anyone except your special someone and should not be considered for any professional use.